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Baltimore Soundstage 6/10 

What an awesome night! All the bands got on stage and killed it and the fans were even better as always. We met a lot of great people and got some great photos (a lot of them are over on our Facebook). Thanks to those of you that came out and to The Henchmen, Edjacated Phools, Sunbathers, and the Backflip Yetis. We'll be seeing those guys again for sure. See you all at Artscape! 

Image c/o Shane Gardner


The results are in and our smoothie video is live! Thanks (or maybe not) to all the folks who bought tickets and picked ingredients. We love/hate you!


Now time to recover in time for the show tomorrow!!

Rock on!
Gotham Theory


This just in! We've been selected to play at this years Artscape!! More to come on exactly when and where but make sure to keep an eye on on our Facebook and here for more information as it comes along. 

In the meantime we'll have another big show announcement coming tomorrow so hold on to your butts! 

Go do the right thing and buy our new album and listen to it on Spotify!

Rock on!


Howdy folks! Our new CD is out now on most major music outlets including iTunes and Spotify! Order your copy today and see you guys tonight at Metro Gallery for our CD release party!!

Sold Out Baby! 

It's official, out CD release party at Metro Gallery is SOLD OUT! Thanks to everyone for all the support.

We're still taking preorders for our CD as well over in the store. Make sure to get them while they're discounted!

New Album 

We finished our first session last night for the new album! We're at it again recording ourselves but have made some big strides in quality after some upgrades to equipment and our brains after the last go round! We're re-tracking a couple old tunes AND have 7 or 8 new tunes for massage those earholes! Is there a technical term for earholes? Anyway we're playing Waterfont in Fells Point this Sunday, BUT Monday is a holiday so let's party like we don't have work tomorrow!

Ohhh Its Shiny! 

A new bass player? New material? Almost a new year? Holy cow! We figured to coincide with all that we'd launch a brand new website. With all the beautiful aesthetic changes we also can now share high quality music with you instead of the former lower quality mp3s you've been used to. 

More big news to come very soon (which is another reason for the new website), but in the meantime enjoy some free music and tell a friend!

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Gotham Theory w/ FIVES (EP Release), Revel in Romance

Metro Gallery, 1700 N. Charles St, Baltimore

Jamming with FIVES for their EP release! We have a bunch of new stuff to test drive so come on out!

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